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KU Leuven

from: Belgium

Catholic University of Leuven


European Research project - ITN Marie Curie (FP 7) coordianted by KU Leuven.



Customers in all industrial sectors are requesting certified quality and reliability. Nevertheless, non-destructive quality control of many high-added value products remains a challenge. Examples include additive manufacturing parts, micro parts, and fiber reinforced composite parts.

Industrial X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) is a promising technology, which can evolve towards integrated quality control of complex workpieces. However, major challenges remain in order to exploit its full potential. Meeting these requires a broad range of expertise, including physics, dimensional metrology, non-destructive testing, material sciences, precision engineering, and manufacturing engineering. The INTERAQCT project is a pan-European industrial-academic initiative that unites expertise from industry and academia in these fields.

We are still looking for enthusiastic researchers and PhD candidates that are willing to join this inspiring network.