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IT informa

from: Sweden

IT informa is a private owned consultant company within IT- and Management. At IT informa we help our customers to develop and manage business-critical IT systems, quality systems and development processes.

IT informa provides the key competences and services that are required to develop and manage business-critical IT systems. We have a long and documented experience of different roles such as project management, specification, architecture, system development, infrastructure and verification.

Often it is about creating cross-functional teams that consist of the customer’s own staff together with external experts and resources.

We are always interested in senior professionals. Who you are is more important than what you currently do. We try to keep the small company’s freedom while working with big and demanding customers. Our employee model is designed to make sure the employee is rewarded for their work and to make everyone involved in our evolution.

Our office is located in Lund, Sweden, and we operate primarily in the Öresund region.

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