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Human Resources Solutions

One of Inova-Ria's main activities is the recruitment of qualified human resources adequate to the needs of each company. It involves a continuous and privileged relationship with the main universities in the country, also facilitating the university-industry relationship.

This work is being developed since 2004 through several tasks: the identification of young talents, the promotion of entrepreneurial projects in order to develop academic thesis, and the insertion and monitoring of young students in the job market.

Currently, Inova-Ria has a largely recognized capital of experience given the 654 internships and scholarships developed within its associated companies. At the same time, it manages a cooperating network with partners and teachers working in key positions to help building the careers of new professionals.


Altice Labs has a valuable heritage that has been enriched since 1950 in anticipation of the future in the telecommunications sector, sustained by the creativity of its employees from generation to generation, transforming knowledge into value for society.

Altice Labs has been shaping the future of technology, enabling communications service providers and companies to offer advanced and differentiated services to their customers and users.

Some of the major developments carried out by Altice Labs include: picoDSLAM, an innovative technology that allowed in 2005 the internet to all schools in Portugal and broadband to areas far from the main urban centers; the development of technology that has enabled the birth of prepaid mobile service, a worldwide innovation today used by over 4.7 billion users worldwide; the creation of the innovative MEO television service and TMForum Frameworkx12 certification (First OSS suite certified v.12) for operations support services.

More recently, Altice Labs innovation has spawned a set of solutions such as the new Advanced Business Communications (ABC) as a unified communications service platform, the service testing and diagnostics (NetQ) platform, the network enrollment platform and services (Netwin) and the GPON and NG-PON2 optical transmission/termination equipment lines.

Altice Labs continually evolves into collaborative research, development and innovation projects in a sustained technology leadership strategy. In this context, it is an active part of the Innovation Ecosystem, working in partnership and cooperation with universities around the world, R&D institutions, partners, suppliers and customers.

Altice Labs exploratory innovation activities are around strategic themes such as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Smart Cities, Smart Living, Internet of Things, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Digital Services & Platforms, 5G and Networks of the Future, including the optical evolution framework.

Every day, over 250 million people in over 35 countries on four continents communicate through technology developed at Altice Labs.

More details such as Altice Labs portfolio, partners, projects, products and solutions can be seen at the website:

Address: José Ferreira Pinto Basto Street - 3810-109 Aveiro

Contact: Paulo Margaça ( ; 961330816)

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