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Holalemania! GmbH

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Holalemania takes on the role of intermediary between German hospitals looking for nurses from all over Europe and those who wish to move to Germany to find new job opportunities.

Our team is always at your disposal: from the initial application to acclimatisation here in Germany. We will provide you with all the assistance you need to work in Germany (recognition of your professional qualification, flat search, etc.) and will help you to become more independent over time.

We can only guarantee this type of service thanks to the comprehensive assistance and close support we provide. Afterwards, thanks to our team of native speakers on site, we look after everything to do with your transition and integration in Germany.

Job offers

Requirements: - Nursing degree; - No German knowledge, just motivation to learn a new language. Job offer: - German course up to B2 proficiency level financed by the hospital (in your country of origin); - Individual and different language support (eg. English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) with relocation and qualification recognition; - Two-year or indefinite-term employment contract; - Gross salary from... Read more