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Healthcare specialist to ANOPIVA Linköping, University Hospital

from: Sweden

Region Östergötland is the main health care provider in Östergötland county with approximately 13 000 employees, 11 600 of which in healthcare. Three hospitals and 43 primary care centers are provided for the general population, as well as 40 public dental clinics. The university hospital in Linköping serves the southeastern part of Sweden with 1.2 million inhabitants.

Anopiva at the University Hospital in Linköping includes anesthesia, OR and intensive care. The clinic performs anesthesia, OR and sterile services for most operating clinics at the University Hospital and also conducts postoperative monitoring and intensive care.

At the clinic, approximately 15,000 operations are performed each year, in general OR, urology, hand and plastic OR, orthopedics, back OR, gynecology, neurosurgery, maxillofacial OR and eye and ear OR. Anesthesiologists, ORnurses, anesthesia nurses and assistant nurses collaborate with doctors from the various operating clinics. The clinic also provides anesthesia services to other clinics and units such as the gynecological clinic, the psychiatric clinic and the X-ray department. 

The clinic is also responsible for postoperative monitoring after OR or examinations that have taken place under anesthesia. Employees have special skills and readiness to treat pain, nausea and disturbances in breathing and circulation that can occur after surgery.

The Intensive Care Unit (IVA) is one of the University Hospital's most qualified departments for the care and monitoring of seriously ill patients. At the ward's eight care places, patients from most of the hospital's clinics are cared for and the care is provided in collaboration between the intensive care unit's doctor and the doctor responsible for the patient at the clinic where the patient belongs. Anesthesiologists, nurses, assistant nurses and physiotherapists work in teams around the patients. The staff density is high around the clock and the equipment is very advanced.

The clinic also includes the child pain unit, where pain nurses, anesthesia nurses and anesthesiologists work to prevent and relieve acute, long-term and recurrent pain in children and adolescents.

The clinic also has a sterile technical unit that cleans, controls and sterilizes instruments for operating rooms, wards, clinics, X-rays and various laboratories in the US.

At Anopiva in Linköping, about 450 employees work.


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