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Eccocar Sharing S.L.

from: Spain

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Eccocar’s main goal is to reduce the consumption of resources and emissions generated in the manufacture of vehicles. With a significantly lower number of vehicles, the same level of service could be provided if a good range of shared mobility services were available. We also encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, significantly reducing pollution in the most populated areas. Finally, we free up public space in cities and reduce traffic congestion, making cities more livable. Our business model is a B2B model, collaborating with car dealers, rentals and businesses. Additionally, our technology is designed to keep track of location, mileage, gas and any damage accosted to the vehicle. 


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Offered by:  Eccocar Sharing S.L.
Workplace: Spain
We are a growing company that is committed to new forms of mobility, through the development of technologies that promote the use of carpooling and fleet management. The UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) has recognized us in 2020 as the most innovative proposal in mobility. We value the ideas of each member of the team and work closely to be above... Read more