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What is we could make technology more human? What if we could change the way we interact online? What is we could become a seamless part of the virtual worlds we inhabit through a high-fidelity digital version of ourselves? 

For the last 10 years, DIDIMO has been creating the answers to these questions through cutting-edge research, innovation and collaboration becoming the leading creator of high-fidelity digital humans - didimos. Our technology automates all stages of 3D character creation. In a just a few seconds anyone can use a single selfie or scan to create a digital identity that looks, speaks and acts with them. In just a few clicks, they can transport themselves to new worlds and connect to those around them in new ways. 

We are currently working with key global players in the tech world to create unprecedented, immersive and highly personalized digital experiences and are looking for passionate, creative innovators to collaborate with our team. 

Innovators who join our team have the opportunity to: 

1) create and develop cutting edge technology

2) collaborate in a closely integrated, multidisciplinary, diverse team enabled by organizational best practice

3) acquire and develop skills across diverse areas of expertise including computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer graphics, advance programming and virtual reality. 

4) enjoy a competitive salary and benefits 

5) experience the exciting environment of a fast-growing startup

6) continuously explore the next frontier making the impossible possible

If you want to help create the future of human interaction, we look forward to hearing from you ! 

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