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County Council of Norrbotten looking for health specialists

from: Sweden

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Region Norrbotten is the largest employer in Norrbotten county with approximately 7 500 employees. We conduct health care, dentistry, regional development and culture. In this way, we create the conditions for a good living environment here in Norrbotten.

Norrbotten is almost a couarter of Sweden’s Sufis area and the biggest county in the country. Mountains, pain forest, lakes, this is where you find the artic lights and the people, 250 000 people live here. This makes Norrbotten the most sparsely populated region in the entire European union. Despite this there is proximity here, not least to health care. The long distances combined whit an aging population plays tuff demand on sustainable health care systems. We must be able to reach everyone everywhere at any time. This is where challenges becomes opportunities. Whit a strong technical heritage Norrbotten is involved with development in digital solutions. Solutions that create new form of health and social care that enable active and healthy lives.

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