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Club Med

from: France

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Join our G.O & G.E teams in our villages and experience the happiness of finding self-revelation through a unique professional and personal experience.

'Valued Professional Skills' means doing the job differently. Developing expertise, in contact with teams that have real know-how Growing professionally thanks to bespoke training programs in an environment where performance is valued, the evolution towards new responsibility is encouraged and there are many career opportunities.

'Incomparable Personal Development' but also having the possibility of tying in one's passions to one's job. Asserting talents or discovering new ones or deploying them at whim. Opening up to new horizons and new cultures. Committing to an unrivaled human adventure that will teach things about oneself alongside others and allow sharing, together, of unforgettable moments.

Experience at Club Med, for one season or more, is a source of enrichment, a good start for professional and personal assets that will make all the difference throughout a lifetime. Sense of service, autonomy, versatility, creativity or open-mindedness and kindness will be a real springboard to the future.

Please note: Club Med will not be available for the live chat facility on 27 January 2016.

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