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Borlänge Kommun

from: Sweden

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Welcome to Borlänge Municipality

Living in Borlänge means enjoying life on every conceivable scale. It is just a short distance to your neighbour, a chat, a cup of coffee or a walk to your child’s football match. On a larger scale we try to create a life of security for our inhabitants – today and in the future.

Around 48,000 people live in Borlänge. The municipality is the largest employer with some 3,800 employees.
One of the municipality‘s objectives is to be an attractive workplace.
Our personnel policy is based on the concept of shared values and a unified outlook in issues relating to work environments, cultural diversity and equal opportunities.

All the municipality’s operations feature a high level of competence and service-mindedness. Our relationships - both with those we work for and with - are conducted in the spirit of respect, sensitivity to people’s needs and a positive view of humanity.

Borlänge is a municipality that looks to the future. We have the visions for the future and many projects on the go. The municipality is Borlänge’s largest employer, with operations in many important fields. Our people look after the citizens of Borlänge through all stages of their lives.

Borlänge Municipality is a dynamic organisation and our operations are developed on a continuous basis. We like to be at the forefront of progress.

Working for us means playing a key role in Borlänge’s development.