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Associazione Joint

from: Italy

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Joint is one of the biggest and most innovative Youth Association in Italy. It is the Italian member of ICYE global network, the coordinator of the Italian Network for European Volunteering (RIVE) and the coordinator of an informal network recognized by European Union counting on 232 international partners. Joint focus on providing learning opportunities to young people through international experiences such as European Solidarity Corps, International volunteering, Work Camps, local and international Training Courses, Youth Exchanges and Capacity Building Projects focusing on advocacy, active participation, intercultural learning, social entrepreneurship and sustainable tourism.

Associazione Joint was founded in December 2003 and its mission is to provide non-formal education opportunities for young people through international mobility.


Association main office is in Milano where Joint can count on 8 full time and 3 part-time workers plus one ESC intern, 3 civil servants and a group of over 30 local volunteers.


Joint developed and currently manages some of the most known websites of international mobility opportunities in Italy and in Europe, reaching over 150.000 people every month through websites, social medias and newsletters.


We currently coordinate 18 EVS HOs across Italy and cooperate with several local organisations and networks. This cooperation helps us to foster high local impact of mobility activities. In Milan we cooperate with the network of youth centres as we coordinate 4 of them in ESC.


Since 2015 Joint sends and coordinates not-financed work camps and international volunteering activities outside E+, creating strong connections out of Europe.

Since 2016 Joint runs an after-school centre in a disadvantage suburb of Milan for young people with migration background.

Since 2017 Joint is the Italian member of ICYE worldwide network focusing in particular on overseas long term volunteering.


The main activities are:


  • running local training courses a- for youth leaders, b- on European project writing and management and c- on social entrepreneurship
  • sending volunteers to work camps and volunteering experiences (50 volunteers per year) within and beyond ICYE network.