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Archenerg Cluster

from: Hungary

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ArchEnerg International Renewable Energy and Building Trade Cluster was established in 2007.The
Cluster has 80 members now: 75 SMEs – each experts in their field, three large enterprises and two
academic institutions, namely, the University of Szeged and the University of Warmia and Mazury in
Olsztyn. The number of its members is growing steadily. SolarTech Non-profit Ltd. is the legal
representative of the cluster.
The complex services the cluster offers are training and curriculum design, project generation, cluster
marketing, searching for financial solutions, tender watch, partner search, demand assessment, needs
assessment presentations and lectures. ArchEnerg also aims to increase public awareness about
renewable energy and energy efficiency. The thematic areas of the cluster are: planning, implementing
and permitting investments related to energy efficiency and renewable energies such as geothermal
energy, thermal energy, solar collectors, solar heating, heat pump and biogas systems, biomass furnaces;
construction products and services, electric works, insulation, doors and windows, energy efficient
lighting systems; feasibility studies, return calculations, energy audit and recommendations on energy
consumption improvement.
Their specific energy specialities include, but are not limited to:
 Planning and implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency investments;
 Financing, financial and tendering advices;
 Renewable energy and energy efficiency trainings;
 Energy sourcing management;
 Energy audits: surveying building, energy supply systems and energy-consuming equipment of the
institutions in terms of energy efficiency and energy conservation;
 Preparation of energy rationalization proposals, planning energy efficiency measures;