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Amazon Development Center Poland

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Amazon Development Center in Gdansk is home to a variety of teams that deliver innovative solutions powering Amazon products and services around the world.

Located in one of the most progressive regions of Poland, the Gdansk Development Center offers exceptional opportunities to grow your technical and non-technical skills by working on exciting and challenging projects.

Product Compliance Team means safety. We ensure that Amazon transactions satisfy legal and safety requirements. We coordinate the aspects of product transactions that are regulated (distribution, shipping, sale, import/export) which means many of activities you can find below.

Job offers

Be part of Amazon… …business philosophy: work hard, have fun and change the world. We master our customer understanding every day. Whatever our customers want, we find the means to deliver it. You are welcome to join Amazon and enjoy helping people to discover new worlds. Product Compliance Team means… …safety. We ensure that Amazon transactions satisfy legal and safety... Read more