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Advantek Portugal

from: Portugal

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Advantek is an innovative engineering company with offices in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Portugal. 
We offer technical consulting and in-house engineering services to the industry within a wide range of branches.

About us

Advantek started in 2008 in Norway under the name of Engineering Supply. In its early days the focus was to provide consulting services to the Norwegian oil & gas industry, which we still do today.

Recently the company expanded operations to the Danish and Swedish market, having established offices in these countries and also broadening the areas of expertise. At the same time, decided to unite these multiple offices under a single name: Advantek.

Now, we provide both in-house services and projects, as well as technical consultants integrated into the engineering teams of our clients in fields within the renewable energy, production industry, automation and also software development sectors.

Our mission is to solve our clients technical challenges and for that we rely on a large network of professionals, identified to meet each unique project. By finding the right people we are sure to fulfill our clients goals.

Portugal Office

The Portuguese branch was started in 2017, as a support to the Danish office.
Here our engineers work mainly remotely with our clients or within our in-house projects. They can also provide consultancy at our clients offices occasionally.

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