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On average, 80% of household shopping takes place without any consideration for how producers and their products contribute to CO2 emissions. In addition comes other environmental impacts or whether they treat their workers well. With annual world groceries spending alone worth trillions of dollars, that’s a great deal of money potentially not supporting considerate producers. We think those who take the trouble to figure out ways to produce great healthy products, are mindful of the environment, treat their workers well, and seek to be inclusive in their pricing, deserve your admiration and support. This is why we created ACT - an ambitious Norwegian startup with aim of building an-easy-to use system to help people making wise and more sustainable choices every day. We believe we are about to bring the most practical solution for a sustainable future to market, a sustainability revolution through sustainable shopping that can potentially reduce the global carbon footprint dramatically and increase worker’s rights. Our mission is to make you shop sustainably and really enjoy it.

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