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Description of business: We have three different restaurants located in Åre, two at the square and one in the slopes. Werséns is a classic brasserie with French influences and local ingredients. Bombom, also located at the square, is a modern restaurant/bar with Californian cuisine, smaller dishes to share, and influences from both Asia, south America, and Europe. Hummelstugan, located in the slopes, is a busy daytime restaurant with high tempo, and lots of guests within a short amount of time. With the restaurant located in the slopes, you have to be able to ski to get to and from work.

About Åre:

Åre is situated in the centre of Sweden, easily accessible by road, rail or air. The village has a rich selection of first-rate accommodation, shopping, activities, nightlife and restaurants.

Historically, the tourism in Åre begun when the railway came to the valley in 1882. Guests from all over Sweden came to hike the mountains and to enjoy the fresh air in combination with good food and comfortable hotels. In 1910 the funicular Bergbanan was inaugurated and in 1940 the first ski lift was installed. From then on the winter tourism grew to be larger than the summer tourism in the 70’s.

Today, Åre is northern Europe’s leading all year around tourist resort. The winter season stretches from December to April offering alpine and cross-country skiing at all levels, snowmobiling, dog sledding, ice driving and much more.

Full job description: All applications are welcome with a minimum of three years of work experience, and letters of recommendation from former employers.

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