Austrian-German Day in Bratislava
16 Oktober 2014

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Are you a young jobseeker interested in working in the hotel and catering sector in Germany or Austria?

Are you a hospitality industry company looking for experienced and enthusiastic young workers?

Then join us at Austrian-German Day on October 16. This event is aimed at jobseekers in Slovakia who are interested in finding an exciting career in the hospitality industry in Austria and Germany.

If you are a jobseeker, at Austrian-German Day you will be able to search and apply for jobs that match your profile, make contact with employers and book one or more job interviews during the event. You can also view company presentations online and ask questions after each presentation. Finally, you can consult with EURES Advisers on working and living abroad.

Employers will have access to a range of recruitment services, including publishing your vacancies on the event’s website, automatic screening and matching of CVs and the scheduling and conducting of online interviews on the day of the event. During the event, employers will also be able to present their companies and hold live chats and Q&A sessions with potential employees from Europe.

Jobseekers - take your first step towards an exciting job experience abroad and join us for Austrian-German Day in Bratislava on October 16.