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Aviation logistics Jobs  in the Netherlands?


Working in a variety of roles in and around Eindhoven or Schiphol Airports, Werk & IK offers full time positions with full training in all areas of aviation logistics and services.

We offer summer work, minimum 10 weeks or longer contract of over six months.

Werk & IK are a premier recruitment agency supplying all types of employment in the Netherlands. We are the largest supplier of staff to Airports in the Netherlands and have thousands of workers in our team throughout the year.

You will receive full paid training in all areas of aircraft handling from working on the apron loading/unloading passenger planes, connecting ground equipment to flights, working in the cargo warehouses dealing with international import & export and all manner of other associated roles when assisting both passenger and freight aircraft.

Working in secure areas of the airport requires a screening process that can take up to 3 months so the process can take time, we conduct this for you and keep you informed throughout. There are also routes too joining us quicker which we can tell you about.

We offer:

·       Guaranteed full time work 40 – 55 hours per week (max 60)

o   Full Contract before leaving Romania

·       Arranged accommodation which meet SNF accredited standards

o   Optional shared accommodation, you can arrange your own

·       Full, Paid, training in all areas of aviation logistics

·       Good rates of pay across all areas protected by collective labour agreements

·       Transport to and from your accommodation to work or travel allowance

·       Excellent support from the Werk &IK team


What the job looks like:

Baggage or cargo handling. Working on the apron driving luggage carts, connecting power to aircraft and all other associated roles required when planes land or are about to take off. All of this is after both security screening and full, paid, training.

The role is shift work with early starts or late finishes and requires physical fitness. Unsociable hours do attract a higher pay rate.


You training will include:

·       Basic Airfreight/Aviation – safe working such as environment and hazardous substances.

·       Airport basic training for safe working.

·       A four-day paid practical training; we then teach you in practice what needs to be done before an aircraft can be handled (loading/unloading).

·       Practical and short introduction on how to deal with suitcases and other space luggage. Education on cargo and how it can be loaded & unloaded safely. 

·       Internal aviation driver's license - We teach you that you are allowed to drive with luggage, forklift truck certificate for the cargo sheds

·       Equipment certificates for example you will learn to control a "low deck loader” or connecting a “Ground Power Unit" after an aircraft has come to a standstill


All training is paid for by us and you continue to earn whilst learning. As we work with a number of aviation companies your work will be varied and may involve working across different contracts in the course of a week or sometimes even a day.


About you:

·       You must have a clean criminal record

·       You must have lived in the EU for the last eight years

·       You should have a positive attitude and be willing to learn to work in a challenging complex logistical environment

·       You be polite, well mannered and work well in a team  

·       You will need a good command of the English language in word and writing.

·       A driving license is beneficial, although not required for all roles.


This is a starter position in which we give you the opportunity to grow quickly by following paid training.

In the Netherlands all workers are protected by Collective Labour Agreements, and each position is accompanied by a salary scale. You’ll receive

·       A gross starting salary in accordance with the collective labour agreement – Approx €2,000 pm gross

·       On top of your salary, you will receive a generous Irregularity Allowance which can rise to 50% of your gross hourly wage during the weekends

·       Travel allowance to and from your accommodation

·       Holidays & bonuses

·       A complete clothing package

·       A fully paid logistics training, worth € 2,750

·       Great career opportunities!


This is an excellent opportunity to gain a structured career in Aviation with training recognised at airports around the world so we are looking for dedicated hard working individuals who will show commitment to their career and to working with our company Werk &IK. 

Job restrictions

Must have a clean criminal record to work at the airport

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Werk & IK specializes in Aviation, logistics & transport, catering & events, facility services, business services and technology. We provide permanent or seasonal roles in The Netherlands with full training in the fied that suits you. Together we will look for the type of work that matches your qualities. Werk & IK values ​​that staff feel at home in the working environment.We are an Eures Member in the Netherlands Erfahren Sie mehr