Job summary

Do you want to work in the Elderly and Health Sector in a welfare state where mutual trust between citizens, employees and managers is paramount? Where you are asked for advice and for your contribution to solutions to professional challenges. Where the work-life balance is among the best in the world and where all employees receive free continuing education.

We offer a meaningful job and beautiful surroundings to settle in.

Lolland Municipality is looking for Social and Healthcare Assistants to replace a number of employees who are retiring. Lolland is a lovely place to live and work; a scenic island in the southern part of Denmark, with plenty of cultural offerings and with rich club life in sports, among other things. With only an hour and a half drive to Copenhagen, you can easily visit the capital whenever you want, while at the same time enjoy the much lower housing costs in Lolland. Our municipality is developing rapidly, not least because of the construction of the Fehmarnbelt link to Germany, along with a growing international community in Lolland Municipality.

We meet citizens at eye level

Working as a social and healthcare assistant in Denmark is something special. The work takes place both in care centres and in private homes. It works on the principle of 'helping people to help themselves', because being as self-reliant as possible improves people's quality of life. A concrete example of this could be that the social and healthcare assistant provides training for citizens who have just been discharged from the hospital to manage bathing and personal care on their own. You strive to give people content in their everyday life by knowing their life stories and talking to them about their memories. Thus, inclusiveness towards the citizen's way of living is important. In care centres, too, social workers and healthcare assistants seek to create a homely environment with meaningful activities.

Tasks of a very different nature

The scope of work is comprehensive and covers basic care and nursing, consultation and provision of guidance to citizens and their relatives as well as a number of nursing tasks such as pressure ulcer prevention, treatment of traumatic wounds, injections, medication dispensing, catheter care, ostomy care, palliative care and tube feeding.

Thus, the social and healthcare assistant works with the critical, basic nursing tasks while the nurse carries out more specialised tasks. 

Requirements and expectations

  • You have a health professional education.
  • You have psychological insight and understanding and good interpersonal skills.
  • You are responsible, caring and resilient.
  • You can work both independently and in teams.
  • You are good at getting on with all kinds of citizens and have an approach that acknowledges people.
  • You are good at English
  • You are willing to learn Danish and motivated to learn our approach to ways of working in the Elderly and Health Sector.

Salary and employment conditions

Working hours are 37 hours per week or by appointment. The basic salary is around 3,300 EUR/month, plus paid holidays and pension.

Other important factors: authorisation, knowledge of Danish, housing and lifestyle.

Before arriving in Denmark, you will need to acquire basic Danish language skills via an online language course. We start language courses twice a year; next ones are scheduled to begin in August 2022.

After moving to Denmark, you will complete an intensive Danish course during the first three months of your stay. You will also participate in several social and professional activities during this period to get acquainted with Lolland and your workplace. During this period, Lolland Municipality will ensure that you have housing available to you, after which you will find permanent housing with assistance from us.

An authorisation is required in order to work as a social and healthcare assistant. We help with skills assessment with a view to permanent employment.

In the additional information, you can read more about the total salary package and your working conditions, how the Danish language course is structured. It also describes how the language course is run and provides information about accommodation, etc.

We recommend that you find out more about living in Denmark at and read more about Lolland at

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with our International Relocation Ambassador Martina Mostad (

We look forward to seeing you

Do you want to take a leap into something new, get to know a country and a different culture and - not least - do a meaningful job with people who value you? We are ready to help and look forward to seeing you.

Send an application

It must be written in English and contain a short cover letter in which you explain why you want to move to Lolland and take on the job of social and healthcare assistant (max. 1 page) and a resume in which you outline your educational background, your experience and your interpersonal skills (max. 2 pages).

We need to receive your application by 22 May 2022.

Recruitment interviews (online) will be held continuously until mid-June. All applicants who continue through the process are offered a visit to Lolland Municipality, which will give a concrete insight into what the position of social and healthcare assistant entails.

Apply via

Additional information for applicants for the position of Social and Healthcare assistant.  


1)    Salary and employment conditions in Lolland Municipality:  

Working hours with attractive work-life balance  

The average working week is 37 hours or by appointment. You will work rotating shifts and will receive special allowances for shifts between 5 pm and 6 am and on weekends and public holidays. The person in charge of personnel-on-duty planning will try to accommodate your requests for shifts, changes, etc., as much as possible.    

Many benefits and paid days off  

Employees at Lolland Municipality are entitled to 6 weeks of paid holiday, special holiday allowance, an employer-paid pension scheme, paid maternity leave, paid lunch break, extra annual days off from the age of 58, and if you have children, you are also entitled to 2 annual days off per child up to and including the year in which the child turns 7 years of age. In addition, you are entitled to full pay during your illness and the right to take time off with full pay during the child's first and second sick days if daily operations allow for this.      

Good salary with benefits and an employer-paid pension scheme   

As a health professional trained abroad, you will be employed as a social and healthcare worker until you have applied for and obtained the certification as a social and healthcare assistant. The basic salary for a social and healthcare worker without seniority is about 3,200 EUR/month, to which you will receive a pension contribution of about 13%.  Your actual monthly salary includes allowances for shifts between 5 pm and 6 am, as well as weekends and public holidays. The average salary for a social and healthcare worker in Lolland Municipality is about 4,700 EUR/month, including seniority allowance, pension, bonus for working evenings and weekends and holiday allowance.  


After you have applied for and obtained an authorisation, you can be employed as a social and healthcare assistant. The basic salary for a social and healthcare assistant without seniority is approximately 3,300 EUR/month. The average salary for a social and healthcare assistant in the municipality of Lolland is about 5,000 EUR/month. The amount includes seniority allowance, pension, evening and weekend allowances and holiday pay.  


Salaries are based on collective agreements, and both as a worker and an assistant, you will be placed on a salary scale corresponding to your experience and seniority.  

The salary is subject to tax. You can find out how much you pay in tax in Denmark on this website: 


Free Danish course with pay  

During the first three months of employment, when you complete an intensive employer-paid Danish course, working hours are 37 hours per week. During this period, you will be paid as a social and healthcare worker.  


Other terms  

It is a prerequisite for employment that you can present a clean criminal record as well as educational documents from your home country.  The conditions described apply to citizens of the EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 


Lolland Municipality is an alcohol and smoke-free workplace. Smoking is not allowed during working hours, breaks or transportation between the homes of citizens.   


  1. Language requirements and Danish lessons 

Language requirements 

It is a requirement for all social and healthcare assistants that they speak and understand Danish. This is because they spend a large part of their time in the homes of citizens, where talking to and guiding the citizens is an integral part of the work. The language requirement is an absolute necessity, and therefore Lolland Municipality offers intensive language training to all applicants.  

Teaching takes place at Lolland Sprogskole, a small language school with 180 students from more than 30 countries. The school emphasises customised solutions, high professionalism and a good learning environment for all students.  


Employer-paid Danish course  

The course is based on the objectives of "Danish Education (Danskuddannelse) 3" (equivalent to Council of Europe level B2) but also includes visiting days and presentations relevant to the future work of the social and healthcare assistants and the knowledge of the local area. 

The programme covers the subjects "Work", "Education" and "Everyday Life and Citizenship" and leads towards the final exam in "Danish Education (Danskuddannelse) 3" and thus towards the following competencies: 


  • To be able to understand general Danish communication without significant problems.  
  • To be able to express oneself almost correctly, fluently and with nuance on all commonly encountered subjects. 
  • To be able to find concrete information quickly. 
  • To be able to understand the content of a wide range of texts. 


Danish lessons 

Before you arrive in Denmark, you must complete the first two modules of "Danish Education (Danskuddannelse) 3". It takes the form of an online course two days a week (2.5 hours each + preparation) for three months, and ends with a test.  


If you pass the test, you will be offered employment as a social and healthcare worker in Lolland Municipality, as described in the above section on pay and employment conditions. Once you have moved to Denmark, you must complete an intensive Danish language course, which lasts 3 months and during which you attend school and work with the Danish language course every day. 


You will be in class with other applicants who, like you, want to work in the social and health care field, and you will complete a number of social activities during the same time. The course ends with a test. 

If you pass the test, training and work in the Elderly and Health Sector will begin. Over the next 6-12 months, you will complete the final module of the Danish language programme, which leads up to the final exam. The course takes place two evenings a week (2.5 hours each + preparation).  


3)   Educational background and authorisation 

Educational background of the social and healthcare assistant 

Social and healthcare assistants have a broad educational background that enables them to provide care, personal assistance, and nursing care to elderly, frail, or sick people. At the same time, they have knowledge about diseases and symptoms, prevention and treatment.   

Social and healthcare assistants have learnt to guide and motivate older people to cope with everyday life in the best possible way or, for example, to help with rehabilitation after illness and are good at creating relationships with many different kinds of people.  

The training for social and health care assistants contains a number of both compulsory and optional elements.


The compulsory elements are listed below, briefly indicating the key areas and subjects that students are taught and examined in.  


The overview gives you, as an applicant, an indication of possible differences between your own educational background and the background of a Danish social and healthcare assistant. Many applicants arrive in Denmark with an education that only partly covers the content of the Danish education. These applicants are offered complimentary courses to meet the requirements for obtaining a social and healthcare assistant licence.  



Subject element 

Content; key areas and subjects 

Meeting citizens and patients 

  • Counselling and cooperation with the citizen/patient and their relatives 
  • Respectful and empathetic building of relationship with the citizen/patient 
  • Promotion of the citizen/patient's rehabilitation efforts and motivation 


The coherent citizen- and patient care 

  • Application of legislation guaranteeing the citizen's right to self-determination 
  • Documentation and data exchange 
  • The interprofessional collaboration; coordination, instruction and cultural understanding 


Quality and development 

  • Ensuring and developing healthcare services and patient safety as well as methods for their evaluation.  
  • Implementation of technological solutions, including telemedicine 
  • Ensuring a good working environment 


Somatic disease and nursing 

  • Nursing assessment of both general health and common diseases, as well as the resources and needs of the citizen/patient. 
  • Anatomy, physiology and interrelationship of organ systems. 
  • Clinical nursing and palliative and terminal care. 
  • Advice and application of knowledge on hygiene, infectious diseases and transmission routes 


Mental illness and nursing 

  • Nursing and rehabilitation of citizens with common mental disorders  
  • Relationships and communication with citizens/patients with mental illness 
  • Organisation and evaluation of psychiatric nursing care 
  • Organisation of complex treatment programmes for citizens with, for example, dual diagnoses or addiction. 
  • Respect and dignity in connection with dementia as well as support for maintaining a meaningful everyday life. 


Health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation 

  • Interprofessional health promotion and prevention 
  • Public health education and lifestyle in everyday life 
  • Prophylaxis, health and quality of life in everyday life 
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation on rehabilitation 
  • Use of assistive devices and welfare technology  


Pharmacology and drug management 

  • Legislation, handling and prevention of medication errors 
  • Anatomy, physiology and the pharmacokinetics of drugs 
  • General and special pharmacology, including psychopharmaceuticals 
  • Hygiene and risk factors in handling of medicine 




The authorisation is issued by the Danish Patient Safety Agency. Lolland Municipality will assist you in the application process.   

4)  Housing  

Lolland Municipality will help you find accommodation ready upon your arrival in Denmark. You should expect it to cost 400 - 700 EUR/month. After the first three months, you will have to find permanent accommodation yourself with the help and advice of Lolland Municipality.

5)   Visit to Lolland Municipality  

All applicants who pass the first interview are offered a visit of approximately four days to Lolland Municipality. This will include a follow-up interview, visits to the language school, to care centres, etc. and this will give you a concrete impression of the everyday life of a social and healthcare assistant.  

6)  Are you traveling here with your partner?  

You are of course welcome to bring your partner and any children to Lolland. In Lolland, there is a demand for employees in, for example, manufacturing companies, the agricultural sector and the education sector. Futhermore, we expect a high number of new positions within construction and logistics related to the Femern Belt Project such as: Project Management, Commercial Engineer, Process Coordinator, Marine. Health, Safety and Environment Management.


Your accompanying partner is offered free language tuition, and if you have children, we can offer free schooling at, for example Lolland International School.

If you have plans in this direction, please contact us for further information






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