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Work tasks:
• Develop C/C++, Phyton, bash or Java
• Use Matlab/Octave for scientific calculations
• Use Jupyter notebook, Matplotlib, GNUplot for scientific visualization
• Design and implement automated test-cases for your code
• Take part in defining the specification and design for software
• Take responsibility for quality and maintainability of the software
• Create a functional and technical documentation as necessary We offer:
• An opportunity to change the world - to participate in the creation of innovative products.
• Salary with bonus system -- option program.
• International work environment. Other requirements:
• 3+ years of active software development experience (preferably using C/C++, Phyton, bash, Git)
• Degree in computer sciences, physics, mathematics or equivalent education
• Ability to solve problems independently.
• Good and clean coding practices
• Stress tolerance.
• Good English, communication skills and a good team member. Option to work from home: Yes

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