Various Developer Positions - Core development team, multiple languages available

by:  Voima Gold Oy

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Challenges and work environment

Voima is always looking for capable developers. You will be working in a small team of in-house developers with a wide range of differing skills. Our development team follows the SCRUM method. We have lots of options what to work on and interesting problems to solve related to many different fields in front of and behind the scenes.

We aim for healthy KPIs to track development: we feel like, for example, measuring work by hours does not reflect developer productivity, neither does the number of closed tickets. It is somewhere in between.

The challenges we face in the backend vary from scaling of global transaction processing to issues of double spending, cryptography, identity management, automatically scaling systems and many others. In the user experience side, we are creating pixel-perfect and easy-to-use interfaces that people enjoy and want to use on their computers or mobile devices.

Tech stack

Our goal is to simplify and reduce as much as possible—we try not to start our days by downloading yet another new framework. We try to keep the IT debt to a minimum and do things properly the first time, instead of contriving hacky solutions just to meet a deadline. We strive to be independent and always critically evaluate if we truly need third-party dependencies in a project. We care deeply about security of our software and we follow secure coding practices.

In short: Simplify, reduce dependencies and get back to the basics.

As regards to tech stack, here are some of the technologies we use:

  • Basic web languages: HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript
  • Native Android and iOS
  • Golang
  • Git, CI/CD
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform and Packer
  • Cloud providers (AWS etc.)
  • On-premise hardware


  • You are a good communicator
  • You understand complex concepts
  • You know where to look for solutions
  • You are quick to learn new things

Currently open positions

  • Frontend Engineer. You will work closely with other frontend developers and designers to build and improve Voima's website and applications using basic web technologies and some native code. You will provide beautiful UX for end users and challenge the design decisions made by designers.
  • Senior Software Engineer (Core team). You will develop new products and solutions in the Voima's backend systems. You enjoy solving complex problems and building secure, extendable and efficient systems.
  • Software Engineer (Data and analytics). You will engineer data drains from various sources and design data warehouses. You can handle large amounts of data and help people understand it.
  • Software Engineer (QA). You will be in charge of building and improving Voima's quality assurance systems. You will build pipelines and automation in order to help developers deploy better quality code for our customers.
  • Infrastructure Engineer. You will work with the infrastructure team in building scalable and complex infrastructure, both physical on-premise and in the cloud. You are familiar with modern IaC and virtualization methodologies.
  • IT Support Engineer. You will provide technical support for our internal teams, customer care and even developers. Being able to do DevOps and building development tools is a bonus.
  • Information Security Engineer. You will be improving Voima's overall security posture by developing detection methods, doing incident response and ensuring customer data is secured from threats coming inside and outside the organisation.

Even if your desired position is not listed, send us an application. We would still like to hear from you, if you think Voima is a work place for you.

How to apply

Do you like to solve complex problems? Are you proficient in any of the technologies we use?

Send an open application to with your CV attached.

About Voima

Voima provides gold-backed banking services with a savings account that holds pure physical gold in our Helsinki vault. Our mission is to create the safest bank by leading the change to gold-based financial services. We find it exciting to create solutions both groundbreaking and long-lasting. As a company operating in the financial industry, it is our core duty to minimise counterparty risks and maximise the resilience of our services.

Voima's main product is Voima Account. Voima Account is a savings account which combines the benefits of physical gold ownership and digital management.

With Voima Account, the risks of the current banking system (such as untransparent processes) have been reduced to a bare minimum, while the advantages of gold-based banking (such as asset ownership, privacy and safety) have been brought to the fore. While Voima Account currently acts as a savings account, it is ultimately designed to challenge how banking services, like transactions and loans, are done in the main.

List of restrictions that apply to this job offer:

We require willingness to move to Finland.

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