Senior Software Engineer - (Core team)

by:  Voima Gold Oy

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Keen on the current economic situation? Interested in solving the problems of the banking industry? If you like solving complex, global and interesting problems with a direct impact on you and your community you might be right fit for Voima.

Challenges and work environment

Voima is looking for capable senior software engineer with some experience under their belt and great understanding of the modern IT landscape. You will be mainly working on Voima's backend systems which include secure transaction handling, CRM (Customer Relationship Managament) software, Compliance systems, application API's. Part of your work is to develop Voima's backend systems further by innovating and architecting new solutions with relevant stake holders, fix internally reported bugs and build new features that ease the work of other teams and help our customers. We offer great growth potential. From this position there are direct routes to leading future teams, project management positions and head of development departments, if that interests you.

You will be working in a small team of in-house developers with a range of differing skills. You will be mainly working with the Lead Developer on your tasks and the work can vary from coding projects completely independently or as part of the whole team of developers. Our software engineering teams follows the SCRUM method. We have lots of options on what to work on and interesting problems to solve related to many different fields in front of and behind the scenes. Our software engineering team enjoys innovating and coming up with new innovative solutions to increase security, ease development or automate processes.

Overall the challenges we are solving at Voima vary from scaling global transaction processing, issues of double spending, cryptography, strong identity management, automatically scaling systems, fully offline functionality and many many more. In the user experience side we are creating pixel perfect, easy and effortless interfaces that people enjoy and want to use on their computers, browsers or mobile devices.

Tech stack

Our goal is to simplify and reduce as much as possible. We try not to start our days by downloading yet another new framework. One of our core believes is to keep IT debt to a minimum and do things properly the first time instead of hacky solutions just to meet a deadline. We are building things that last. We strive to be independent and always critically evaluate if we truly need 3rd party dependencies in a project. We care deeply about the security of our software, we strive to build things that are maintainable and close to the edge without compromising security or stability.

Technologies we mainly use in the backend:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Golang
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes


  • At least 3 years of experience in professional software development

  • Be a good communicator

  • You can understand complex concepts

  • You know where to look for solutions

  • You can learn new concepts quick

How to apply

Do you like to solve complex challenges? Do you want to be part of gold-based banking?
Send an open application to with your CV attached.

About Voima

Voima is creating gold-backed banking services with a savings account that hold pure physical gold in our Helsinki vault. Our vision is to create the safest bank by leading the change to gold-based financial services. We find it exciting to create solutions both groundbreaking and long-lasting. As a company operating in the financial industry, it is our core duty to minimise counterparty risks and maximise the resilience of our services. Our aim is that nothing would be left to chance.

Voima's main product is the Voima Account. Voima Account is a savings account which combines the benefits of physical gold ownership and digital management. With Voima Account, the risks of the current fractional reserve system (such as counterparty exposure, currency devaluation and untransparent processes) have been reduced to a bare minimum, while the advantages of gold-based banking (such as asset ownership, liquidity, privacy and safety) have been brought to the fore. While Voima Account currently acts as a savings account, it is ultimately designed to challenge how banking services, like transactions and loans, are done in the main.

List of restrictions that apply to this job offer:

We require willingness to move to Finland.

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