SoC Modelling Engineer, DFE IP

by:  Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy

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Important part of Nokia's next generation technology are SoC's which are the heart of the Nokia products. We are looking for an experienced engineer to strengthen our SoC Team and grow to be a specialist in the world of telecommunications and SoC's.

Engineer, SoC/IP Modelling

We are looking for a DFE IP reference model design engineer to be working in SoC DU organization. The key activities are algorithm and architecture design and optimizations for fixed point design and providing reference digital model and reference data to RTL design and verification. Integration and verification of the model to the high level model as well as designing test environments and test cases and debugging of the design if errors occur. belong to responsibilities, too. design, code and module test the assigned IP blocks.

Basic requirements

  • Master’s or Doctoral Degree in Engineering or equivalent
  • 6+ years working experience in algorithm, SW or RTL design
  • Good understanding and desire to understand thoroughly digital signal processing and related mathematics
  • Coding languages: Matlab, C, C++, VHDL, Verilog
  • Experience on using common algorithm and RTL design and verification tools and methods:
  • Matlab, Simulink, VCS, Spyglass, DC Compiler, Questa, Verdi, Power Artist, UVM, HLS.
  • Understanding of radio networks and standards, especially LTE and 5G
  • English language

Additional requirements

  • Eager to learn more and dare to take new challenges
  • Collaboration and information sharing skills and attitude
  • Quality and commitment mindset

What We Offer 

  • The opportunity to obtain valuable industry experience during your studies
  • Impactful and relevant thesis topics, tailored to your interests
  • The chance to work on challenging and rewarding tasks 
  • Continuous learning opportunities 
  • Supportive, global environment working with world leading experts 
  • Exciting atmosphere while developing real products for our customers 
  • Flexible working hours 
  • The opportunity to expand into other competence areas thanks to the diverse teams 
  • A work culture where you will feel valued, trusted, and empowered 
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