Quality Control & Mobile Team Officer (fixed-term contract 24 months)

by:  Luxembourg

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Your team You will be a member of the Quality Control & Mobile team, reporting to the head of the team. In this role you will work on quality-control-related activities for the three business lines (FA, TA and PETAL) and occasionally help the production teams during peak periods. Your role Mobile team Occasionally working in the PETAL, FA or TA units to assist them during peak periods, such as during NAV calculations on the first day of the month, setting up the fund calendar or client on-boarding. Identifying areas of improvement in terms of the process and control framework, based on your experience in other teams and departments. Quality control Contributing to the implementation of key quality control deliverables such as KPIs and the procedure framework review. Coordinating transversal due diligences, audit review, regulatory requests, etc. Contributing to any other transversal project aimed at improving service delivery. Your profile Experience in fund operations. Experience in process and data analysis. Flexibility and agility. Very good interpersonal skills. Project management and organisational skills. Spoken fluency in English and French. Good Excel and PowerPoint skills.

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