Roof Tiler m/f/mx - Dachdecker m/w/d

by:  backup jobs agency, s.r.o.

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Recently we have started a new corporation with a leading and well-established recruiting agency from the Netherlands specializing in recruiting of technical skilled professionals from all over Europe for various job placements in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

We will assist in sourcing suitable candidates and being your personal point of contact from first application to placement and ongoing support.

Each contract offer comes with free accommodation in single rooms, fairly EU working contracts with paid health and social insurance as well as taxes according to the state of employment.

Successful candidates’ m/f/mx should bring with them previous work experience in the field interested, preferrable an own car for the journey to the assigned working place and flexibility in travelling.

Language skills should be available in English and/ or German for a good communication. Due to EU working contracts this offer is open for any EU nationals matching the requirements.

Current open Position:

Roof Tiler m/f/mx - Dachdecker m/w/d

In this position you would be employed in the construction work. Your work duties would be to cover roof constructions with nature slate material.

Covering pattern: the regular double way

Requirements:  To be successfully considered you should bring with you at least 8+ years of working experience as a roof tiler.

The contract is supposed to start immediately, depending on the current weather situation and you would be deployed in Germany and/or Netherlands.

Your working time would be max. 40 hours per week with a Net salary after tax per week of 600,00 EUR, paid weekly.

If you are interested in this position and would be available, please contact us for further information.


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