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Job description:

Plumbing installations, thermal installations, sprinkler / fire installations for appartments and hotel construction site close to Oslo.

Skills Experienced within plumbing work and have diploma within construction education Preferable with experience working in Norway High level of English language /or can speak Norwegian It is a plus if you have a driver license

Salary Depending on competences this is between 23 - 27 euro an hour including free accommodations. If you have your own accomodation in Norway, you will get compensated + 2,5 euro an hours extra.

NH Bemanning follows the working rules in Norway, where you will get holiday money, pension. Working clothes and tools will be provided for you. If you bring your own tools, you will be compensated 0,5 euro an hour extra.

Contact: Maria Skoulatau - Phone: +47-47970177 - Mail:

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