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Last og Tank AS at Rud in Bærum (west of Oslo) is a specialist workshop for the repair, service, maintenance and mounting of transport and construction equipment. 
The company was founded in 1986, has two divisions with solid finances and currently is anticipating further growth and expansion. 
Last og Tank AS is an independent workshop with a broad and solid customer base. We are located at Rud in Bærum, approx. 15 kilometres west of the city centre of Oslo.

We are seeking an independent, creative and results-oriented person who desires personal development while helping to make the workshop's operation an ”innovative and future-oriented workshop” in the areas of:

  • Repairs/maintenance for vehicles/trailers, buses, superstructures and construction machinery.
  • EU verifications
  • New construction/moving of tanks and other transport material
  • Tire service
  • Tank/bulk technical - service/maintenance
  • Mobile workshop - service – emergency response

We work in a hectic, exciting and interesting environment and are open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm seven days a week, which allows for flexible working hours arrangements and compensatory time off systems.

We offer flexible working hours arrangements or rotation schemes, for example such as 1- 2 weeks free/work periods. 

The company will organise and pay for lodging if necessary.

We are seeking a person with a minimum of 3 years of documented experience with a trade/craft certificate for heavier vehicles, driving licence for lorries/buses with trailers, and who has a verbal/written command of Scandinavian languages as well as English verbally.

The company offers bonus arrangements and good wages and working conditions in a pleasant, interesting, exciting and future-oriented working environment.

E-mail/post your CV with references and certifications to:  or

Questions/Information: Mads + 4746838302 


Olav Ingstads vei 5, 1351 Rud, Norway - about 15 km west of Oslo

Diese Stelle ist abgelaufen.