Mechanics and Repairers

by:  Kaunis Iron

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In Pajala, 100 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, in the middle of beautiful Tornedalen, you find Kaunis Iron.

We are a new and modern mining company in Pajala. We operate open pit mining and extract iron ore, which we then process and sell on the world market. Our unique iron ore concentrate with its quality and environmental advantages is in big demand among steelworks worldwide.


Although perhaps sticking our necks out, we say that we are the mine of the modern era.

We do things our way. No job titles, no hierarchy, no nonsense. With a big heart and bursting with pride.


Among our 370 employees, there are about 30 professions. And we are looking for you who, like us, place great importance in workplace culture and who like to do things your own way.


At the moment we are looking in particular for:


  • Mechanics
  • Repairers



Specific qualifications for each appointment can be found on



As an employee of Kaunis Iron you become a member of a strong team where diversity is strength and innovative thinking drives our development.

Naturally, pay determination is in line with a collective agreement and every year you have the benefit of a health promotion contribution of 2,000 SEK.

In and around Pajala, nature is on your doorstep and there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor life.



For more information, get in touch with our HR manager, Sara Stridsman,



Please apply for the job on the following link

If you have trouble understanding Swedish you can send your application straight to




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