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Hadeland Glassverk  - in english

Hadeland Glassverk was founded in 1762 and is Norway's oldest industrial company with continuous operation. We are still today a vibrant craft company that manages an exciting history and cultural heritage. The production of glass at Hadeland Glassverk still takes place according to the same methods as over 250 years ago.

In the early days, production consisted mainly of bottles, pharmacy glasses, medicine glasses and glasses for household use. In 1852, Ole Chr. Berg took over as manager of Hadeland and under his leadership the work underwent a rapid development. Production was changed to small glasses that include everything from wine glasses to bowls, barrels, flower glasses and vases. In the 19th century, models of glass from other countries in Europe were used. It was not until the 1920s that they began to develop their own models. It was the applied art movement that was the driving force in this process. With the applied art movement, the lavish sanding disappeared from the turn of the century, and instead came light sanding, flower sanding and etching as decoration. It also became "fashionable" to make completely undecorated glass, which was previously almost unthinkable. Hadeland Glassverk is today associated with so-called small glasses, which include everything from wine glasses to bowls, dishes, flower glasses, vases and in the last 60 years also art glass and crystal figures.

Hadeland Glassverk manages a significant history and cultural heritage, at the same time as we focus on continuous development and new design to meet the needs of the future. The glassworks has undergone a major and positive change process over the past 20 years, and it has created new dynamism and faith in the future.

We are looking for a glass grinder for pattern grinding and disk grinding/leveling/polishing.

We need an employee with craft certificate or 5 year+ of documented experience. Language needs to be Scandinavian or fluent in English.   


Job description

Pattern griding and disk grinding/leveling/polishing

Skills requirements:

We need employee with craft certificate or 5 year+ of documented experience. Language needs to be Scandinavian or fluent in English.

Other information

Type of work contract: Fixed 100% contract

Starting date: As sonn as possible

Working hours: Not decided yet. Possibly 1430-2300 for a startup period.

Place of work: Hadeland Glassverk – Jevnaker, NORWAY

Salary: NOK 190-213 per hour (gross) depending on experience

Other information:

For the first couple of months it’s possible to rent a small house on the premises for a discounted price.



How to apply? by e-mail to 

Contact persons:
Mrs Merete Finsen, HR department, mobile phone +47 988 35 287 - E-mail

Mr Marius Fiskebeck, Head of production, mobile phone  +47 410 40 174 

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