by:  Love Carpe Diem d.o.o.

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Love Carpe Diem d.o.o., a tourist animation agency, employs young people as a tourist animator for working with children, conducting sports activities, dancing and stage activities in the 2021 season at the destinations of the Adriatic Sea.


You can find more about the agency and the internet at:
FB: love-carpe-diem
We offer:
- free accommodation and three meals a day in the hotel complex where you work
- 6 days a week, one day off per week
- 8 working hours per day

  • the possibility of seasonal or year-round employment
    - croatian contract
    - salary according to experience and skills
    - education and experience for candidates with no experience
    - experience in foreign languages, communication skills and presentations, finding new situations, improving creative manual knowledge, upgrading existing skills in working with children and sports
    - bonus per each month of work after finishing of contract

    Essential requirements:
    - proficiency in one European language 
    - language fluency in English (expected level: B2 or more),
    - willing to work in guest relation,
    - good communication skills.


  • Desirable requirements:
    - experience in any kind of entertainment (dance, or acting, or hosting and presenting the evening programme) not obligatory
    - experience in fitness (aerobics, yoga, general workout) not obligatory
    - experience in hosting sport tournaments not obligatory
    - experience or willing to work with children.
    Place of work: Croatia the Mediterranean 
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