Doc­toral stu­dent, mi­cro­met­eor­o­logy and biogeo­chem­ical cycles - University of Helsinki

by:  University of Helsinki

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Measured in number of students and teachers, the Faculty of Science at the University of Helsinki is the largest science faculty in Finland. There are some 6,000 students taking a basic degree. Out of them, some 1,000 are postgraduates. There are some 500 international students, and over 200 researchers and teachers from abroad.

Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) is a multi- and interdisciplinary research unit based in physics, chemistry, meteorology, forest sciences, environmental sciences and social sciences in the University of Helsinki. INAR aims to strengthen the internationally leading, integrated multidisciplinary research and education environment for atmospheric and Earth system science and to feed in scientific results for the national and international environment and climate policy. It performs multiscale research from molecular to global scale and focuses on climate change, air quality, biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem processes. INAR has INAR Finland Network partners in Finnish Meteorological Institute, University of Eastern Finland and Tampere University of Technology.

Faculty of Science invites applications for


in the field of micrometeorology and biogeochemical cycles starting April 1, 2021 for two years fixed-term employment contracts in an Academy of Finland funded research project ENSINK (Mechanisms for nitrous oxide uptake in cropping systems in different climate zones). This is a joint PhD research between the University of Helsinki and the Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE). The subject is closely related to the theme “Sustainability of milk production in Finland: CO2 and N2O exchange from a short rotation legume grassland”.

The PhD researcher will focus on greenhouse gas (GHG) exchange measured by the eddy covariance and chamber techniques and climate mitigation options in a short rotation legume grassland in eastern Finland. The PhD researcher will closely collaborate with a postdoc researcher and other senior scientists in the project. Tasks include 1) literature synthesis; 2) maintenance of a flux station at a N2O mitigation experiment (legume vs. tall Fescue grassland); 3) performing bimonthly grassland soil CO2/N2O emissions using chamber method (during two seasons – 2021 and 2022); 4) analyses of meteorological and flux data and quantifying the CO2/N2O budget of the legume grassland; 5) preparing peer reviewed publications.

We are looking for a dynamic, reliable and highly motivated student with a M.Sc. degree in agricultural or environmental sciences, micrometeorology, physics or related disciplines. The applicant should have a strong interest in process and system-oriented research and should enjoy field as well as computer work. Good statistics skills and experiences with large data sets are highly beneficial. Driving license and English language proficiency are required. The place of research will be LUKE in Maaninka, eastern Finland, with regular visits to Helsinki.

In total, the starting gross salary of a doctoral student is typically about 2500 EUR per month but depends on the appointee’s previous research and work experience and will be regularly reassessed along the progress of the work. There will be a possibility to extend the contract after the first two years.

Appointees should be eligible to pursue doctoral studies at the University of Helsinki, please see:

Finland is a member of the EU, has high quality free schooling (also in English), generous family benefits and healthcare. The University of Helsinki is a top 100 ranked university in most ranking lists, and invests heavily in Earth system research, please see

Your application should include a motivation letter with a summary of your scientific background and interests, and your CV in a one single pdf-file using the electronic recruitment system of the University of Helsinki via the link “Apply for job”. Please also include contact details of at least two senior academics for references. Applicants who are employees of the University of Helsinki are requested to leave their application via the SAP HR portal. The deadline for applications is February 22, 2021.

For further information, please contact Associate Professor Annalea Lohila, annalea.lohila(at); Senior Scientist Narasinha Shurpali ( or Research Scientist Mikko Järvinen (

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