Spesio is looking for a personal assistant into temporary post in Suonenjoki.

by:  Social and health care jobs in the city of Suonenjoki

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Do you want to do meaningful and people-oriented work?

We at Spesio think that everyone should have a chance to live their life as their own way. If you agree, you might be the one who we are looking for.  As a personal assistant your work is meaningful because you help a person with a disability to do things which he or she cannot do alone. Spesio is looking for new personal assistants for our customers all over East Finland.  We are part of the Honkalampi Foundation and our mission is to make the world a better place for everyone piece by piece.


Spesio is looking for a personal assistant into temporary post in Suonenjoki.

Our client is about 50 years old female with a family, and she needs assistant’s help in rehabilitation activity two times per month and once a week in free time activities. Possible working shifts are on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from five to eight hours per shift.

Free time activities are for example walking or cycling outdoors, visiting concerts or other cultural events.

Work can include small house works and different activities at home.

Our client has an aphasia and communication happens by speech and gestures. Basic Finnish language skills is necessary.

Working hours are maximum 40 hours/month. Work starts at the latest in the end of March and lasts about a year – possible longer. The family has a dog.


Are you interested? Apply now! 

You don`t need previous similar work experience or education. Right attitude and personality are the most important.

Employer is client her-/himself or his or her trustee. Spesio`s role is to guide and provide support and guidance whole employment relationship both sides. We also take care of insurance, wage, and legal occupational health care. The client her/himself decides working times and make decision of who is going to be his/her employee.


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Social and health care jobs in the city of Suonenjoki

Please watch our video and hear more about Suonenjoki area:


List of restrictions that apply to this job offer:

The language requirement is knowledge of basic Finnish language. It is worth applying for the vacancy without knowledge of Finnish language. You will be instructed more about different ways how to improve it and/or in your home country.

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