Design Handover Engineer

by:  Nipromec Group

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Nipromec Oy Ltd is an international consulting and engineering company founded in 2003. We offer design and consulting services for multiple industries with emphasis on energy and construction. Nipromec offices in Finland are located in Rauma, Turku, Tampere and Helsinki. Group has offices also in Erlangen, Germany and Bristol and London in United Kingdom. 

The main tasks for the position are:
-  Prepare and manage the different packages for sending final documentation to the customer. Make the classification according to type, equipment and WBS
-  Take part of meetings with the customers client about packing documentation and transfer
-  Validation of documentation, cleaning of metadata (title, KKS). Understanding the quality and engineering documentation for review
- Answer to request about documentation from the customer or customers client
-  Report about the progress of mission every week to team leader

Skills required:

-  Technical degree
-  Multi-tasks, autonomous, rigorous
-  Able to sum up data from various sources
-  Proficient with Excel
-  Good communication skills
-  Nuclear background
-  Good level of English is required, other language skills are beneficial

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