SEGULA Technologies is a multinational consultancy specialized and present into various sectors: Automotive, Aerospace and Defence, Railway, Oil&Gaz, Energy, Naval and Pharmaceutica. 

With more than 13,000 employees all over the world, we are constantly looking for new figures to be included in its staff proposing innovative and cutting-edge projects technology that are constantly growing and evolving.

We aim at finding the right person, at the right moment with the right skills to serve the right client while respecting our key values Responsiveness, Ambition, Proximity and Innovation. Here is our mission.
At SEGULA Technologies Italy, we foster pro-activity and agility in our way to work for and with people. Professional growth, performance and self-accomplishment drive our high-skilled teams around Italy to best satisfy our clients. However, our best asset remain our passionate engineers’ abilities to work in cooperation in order to create a friendly and efficient work environment. You will thrive on a diverse and collaborative environment with wide opportunities to learn new skills. Here is our way of working.
According to our collaborators (because they speak better about SEGULA than us*), why should you join SEGULA Technologies Italia?

             “The possibility to conceive new ideas and improve those already existing.”
                                          “Friendly working environment”
                                            “Work in challenging projects”
                              “Improvement, professional and technical growth”

Ambitious & cooperative mind-set:

  • We propose you to join collaborative, professional and ambitious teams to achieve sustainable goals ;
  • We are agile and performance-oriented to satisfy our clients’ needs, but we also are supportive with colleagues to preserve a friendly work environment.

Trustful & transparent leadership practices:

  • We care about our employees and our leaders remain available and open to listen to them ;
  • We value creativity and grant large autonomy to our employees ;
  • We encourage open and transparent discussions between leaders and employees.

Progress through experience:

  • We enable professional and technical growth thanks to the diversity of our client portfolio ;
  • We entrust high level of responsibilities to our employees.

Friendly working environment:

  • We nurture good relationships with customers and receive positive feedback from them ;
  • We ensure you a work-life balance and the freedom to organize your daily tasks ;
  • We build both respectful and convivial relationships.

*Verbatim issued from employee’s answers to a global questionnaire in 2020

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