Data Transformation / ETL Engineer (Sr - Python / .js / Snowflake / Looker)

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Job description

Daltix is enabling retailers & suppliers to make decisions based on data rather than gut-feeling and for that it’s built up significant experience in how to collect data but also how to transform it in order to support decision making. To this end we’re looking for a downstream data engineer who’ll aid some of the biggest names in the industry (don’t take our word for it, check our website) in becoming truly data-driven.

This position is ideal for an experienced python engineer who is looking to transition to working with data in a unique context. This sentence combined with the somewhat ambiguous title of "Downstream" Data Engineer certainly requires some explanation so let's go step by step in the style of a FAQ:

Question: What does the term "Downstream" mean in job description?

Answer: We have a set of core data collection and processing systems that are maintained by a few very specialized Data Engineers. These core systems make up the cutting-edge Data Lakes and Data Warehouses which are the lifeblood of the Daltix data pipeline. However, we don't deliver data directly to our clients from these core systems. On a regular basis, we ingest data from a few other sources (including the clients themselves), join this data with data from the core systems. This is why we call it "Downstream" - your work is mainly downstream from the core systems and thus does not require the same specialized work. This is what makes it a great place for a python engineer to transition into working with data. 

The second (and most important) reason that we consider this “Downstream” is that this is very much a client-facing role. In this role you will be experimenting with different methodologies and technologies that extract data from the core system and deliver value directly to clients in the form of reusable data marts, reports, visualizations, etc.

Question: How much experience?

Answer: 4-5 years of experience with python / javascript with at least a few years of making your own design decisions. As the company has experienced significant growth and taken on several different clients in an ad-hoc way, there is (naturally) some technical debt to be paid down and this can only be done with an eye for careful design. If you've worked with designers or directly with business folks where it was required to translate requirements into code, your experience will be put to excellent use here.

Besides this we expect you to be a strong communicator who can clearly communicate with our customer success managers as well as with the upstream, technical core of the company. Furthermore you’ll need SQL skills to extract data from our Snowflake data warehouse as well as basic pandas skills to transform & analyse data.

Having worked with Amazon Web Services, Airflow & Looker would be a big plus but are not a strict requirement provided you're a fast learner.

Question: Why is this good for someone looking to transition into working with data?

Answer: Daltix's systems are cutting edge, our stack is built on top of AWS and leverages Snowflake, one of the hottest cloud-based data warehouses right now. On top of that we’re currently setting up Looker, one of the most modern BI & dashboarding solutions right now.

All of this is used to make some of the biggest retailers & retail suppliers data-driven, think Unilever, Makro, Lidl. You’ll be directly helping them in this transition.

As you may not have significant experience in Data Engineering but are interested in taking the first step, there is no better way to do this than to use these systems. You'll work directly with Daltix's very small and elite team learning how all of this is done in a way that could lead naturally to a transition into working with these systems yourself.

Question: What is "unique" about this position?

Answer: It is very rare for positions like this to arise and it will be a chance for you to make a huge difference in the company while at the same time taking a big step toward a career transition to being a Data Engineer. This startup is in a stage where product-market fit is starting to arise and a transition from super-agile and ad-hoc solutions must start to make way for more carefully designed and mature solutions. You can be the architect of this.

You'll also be working with very big retailers & retail suppliers and will learn how they look at data as well as the struggles they face in becoming data-driven. 

On another level, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a set of seasoned professionals that have decades of experience in web scrapingdata sciencecloud architecture, and full stack development. Each area of the technical team is made up of members that have been there and done that in some of the hottest fields out there. This team combined with a bleeding edge stack build on AWS, Snowflake, Airflow, Looker and many others make this position one of potential, learning, and growth.

What do we offer

  • We are a young, entrepreneurial and fast-growing company; you will have the unique opportunity to shape our future and have a positive impact on our clients’ business
  • Be part of an interesting and dynamic start-up and enjoy the scaling process.
  • You will be offered a competitive wage in a talented, international team of top-notch experts
  • Flexible work arrangements with a lot of autonomy in what you do and where you do it - we trust you to know your schedule and work when you feel most productive
  • You will be able to participate in relevant training to stay at the top of your field. Be part of an interesting and dynamic start-up and enjoy the scaling process.
  • An open company culture where we play as hard as we work
  • Health Insurance coverage
  • Occasional drinks and team events
  • You’ll get the chance to meet and work with industry professionals and help lift the company to the next level
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