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  • Early in the morning loading of the vehicle. The packages are to be loaded in the vehicle in the order of the tour to be driven
  • Parcel shipment is marked with a specific number or letter code that identifies the corresponding delivery district. 
  • In the next step, the parcels must be stowed in the vehicle in the order of the tour to be driven
  • Route planning must also take parcel collections into account, e.g. from private customers who wish to return a single parcel or large commercial customers who send several parcels a day
  • Knowledge with portable scanners. This means that every work step is recorded, from morning loading and delivery to the recipient to returns or undeliverable parcels
  • Receiving items in a sorting center
  • Pre-sorting and incoming scanning of parcels. This is often done with manual support, especially when labels are not machine-readable or parcels are insufficiently packed
  • Distribution according to the recipient address on the appropriate transport routes
  • Pre-sorting and incoming scanning of parcels.Elimination of malfunctions in the technical equipment and handling of bulky consignments that cannot be conveyed
  • Monitoring the production processes and ensuring theft protection
  • Main working hours in the parcel centres are in the early morning hours, late evening hours and at night 
  • During the day, returns are usually processed in the sorting centres and address research is carried out for undeliverable items



  • Category B or BE driving licence
  • One-year driving experience as far as possible as well as good driving knowledge
  • Ideally experience in dealing with trailer operation
  • Commitment, flexibility and resilience
  • Reliable working style


Your benefits:

  • An attractive monthly salary 
  • Orginizing of an accomodation 
  • Use of leading technologies and agile processes
  • You will work for an award-winning employer whose corporate culture is characterized by open and cooperative cooperation.
  • Good, dynamic working atmosphere
Diese Stelle ist abgelaufen.