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The Emons Group: making connections

The Emons Group is a close-knit family business that exists since 1943. The company consists of five divisions: Van Huët, Emons Cargo, Hofmans, Meierling and the Emons Service Centre. Since the founding of the company in 1943 by Wim Emons, the world has changed and the organisation has changed with it. Now that the third generation is at the helm of the company in the person of Daan Emons, the characteristic elements of the Emons Group are still present: innovate, do things that no one else is doing. This is complemented by the right mix of passion and professionalism and always in cooperation with the customer. Emons Group: making connections!

The companies

The five divisions of the Emons Group represent the versatility of the Emons Group. They are totally different in nature, but have some resemblances: all companies focus on niche markets and the ‘Emons DNA’ can be found in every company. Furthermore, all companies have their own way to work towards a more sustainable environment.

Headquarters can be found in the Netherland and the Emons Group has subsidiaries in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Van Huët

Van Huët Glass Logistics is a specialist when it comes to the transportation of various sizes float glass within Europe. The latest innovation of Van Huët, the 2BEE – New Generation, can transport up to 28 tonnes in 40 tonne countries. All concepts of Van Huët are designed to reduce CO2 emissions and to lower costs. Since it is special equipment, the drivers are being trained in handling the glass inloaders on a professional way.

Emons Cargo

The 2WIN concept by Emons Cargo can haul 64% extra compared to a regular trailer; 54 instead of 33 europallets. And it saves 40% on carbon emissions. Therefore, the trailers offer a major environmental benefit to the customers of Emons Cargo. Its specialisation is the transport of non-stackable goods with a pallet/unit height up to 1.80 meters which perfectly fit in the double deck trailer. The drivers of the 2WIN are trained to work with this specific material and often enjoy the extra physical activity that the loading and unloading of the 2WIN brings them.


Hofmans is responsible for the transport of spent mushroom compost. Additionally, through their Upcycling process they make sure that the spent mushroom compost, the residual waste of mushroom farming, is being completely recycled. In the factory in Germert (NL), the compost is converted into a soil improver, fuel and sustainable energy.


Anhänger und Farhzeugbau Meierling is the aluminium specialist of the Emons Group. The company constructs high quality aluminium trailers that are not only ultra-lightweight but also immensely strong. Furthermore, Meierling has an extensive ‘Service & Reparatur’ department, where customers can have trailers of all brands repaired. Last but not least, the Meierling Rent division allows clients to rent aluminium trailers for short or long-term.

Emons Service Centre

The Emons Group is currently expanding its services with the introduction of the Emons Service Centre. Within this new division, a team of experts and young talent from all organisations of the Emons Group will work on challenges related to supply chain optimisation. This new division reflects one of the core values of the Emons Group: staying innovative! The Service Centre for example already enabled Van Huët to develop a completely new stamp system to secure glass during transport. Additionally, the Emons Service Centre helps the Emons Group to connect with its clients and always stay up to date.