Brunel is an international professional services firm. Based on your knowledge, experience and personal qualities we ensure that you are going to work on projects and clients that fit your needs and ambitions. The dynamics of the world economy requires a flexible organization of labor. Brunel supports this flexibility by developing innovative services and long term solutions for professional staffing and project management. Using specialist knowledge to provide advice and operational support that helps customers to achieve continuity. Brunel has a lot of experience in the international market and is focused on it by the market needs. Partly because the borders fade and clients are looking abroad for completing functions increases, we have even chosen our knowledge and expertise to cluster in a so-called Global Sourcing Center for the field of international recruitment. Brunel is proud we have more international staff working with our clients. In Brunel Global Sourcing Center, which includes employees with years of experience in international recruiting and guiding international specialists, you can find answers to all you questions regarding working in the Netherlands. Moreover Brunel takes you all the worries. Whether it comes to arranging your accommodation, (health) insurance, visa or work permit or registering with the IRS. We insure you are treated in the right way and that you will at home in the Netherlands.

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