About the event

Promoting safe mobility in Europe is the main purpose of the “ Healthcare Mobility Day” event addressed to the Health Sector professionals and taking place on the 1st of April in Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa (ESEL) – in Parque das Nações, Lisbon.

EURES Portugal and IEFP, the Portuguese Public Employment Service are, for the first time, organizing this event for Portuguese jobseekers (nurses, physiotherapists, doctors, radiologists,…) wanting to move to another European country.

If you’re a jobseeker with academic training in the healthcare area, you will be able, through this event, to meet employers and/or labour market experts not only from Portugal but also from other European countries. You will also get a chance to be interviewed on the spot by participating employers and you will find info workshops and advice on living and working conditions in those countries, as well as company presentations. A wide package of supporting services within your job search in Europe will be at your disposal.

You can expect to find employers wanting to recruit different healthcare professionals - nurses, physiotherapists, doctors in several specialties, radiologists – but opportunities in other healthcare professions may arise.

If you’re an employer, you will be able to meet qualified jobseekers with a graduation in different healthcare areas. Not only newly graduated but also fully experienced ones, actively looking for jobs within your sector.  You can also benefit from the help of EURES previous to the event, through the screening of job applicants who might be a good match for your required profiles. You’ll then have the opportunity to meet and interview them during the event.

Opening hours from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Portuguese time: GMT +00).


We look forward to your participation!