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by:  Teach For Portugal

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At Teach For Portugal we believe that school performance and development opportunities for children and young people should not be limited by their socio-economic context.

Our goal is that one day all children and young people have access to an education that allows them to develop their full potential.

That's what we want to challenge you with. That you take an active role in this change, while investing in your future as well.

We want to recruit and train future economists, engineers, lawyers and leaders from the most diverse sectors.

We want to recruit you, if you want to commit yourself to this challenge of teaching in the most challenging schools in Portugal and transform the expected life path of the children.

We offer a two-year paid commitment, continuous training and support and the possibility of joining an international network of young leaders determined to transform the educational reality of their countries.

We have the experience and support of the global Teach For All network (http://teachforall.org/en) - one of the most promising international education NGOs with partners in 48 countries and 28 years of experience.

The program is recognized around the world by public and private partners - universities and prestigious companies such as Yale, Harvard or Google - who value the experience gained you go through and offer its participants preferential training and recruitment opportunities at the end of the program.

More than a job, we want to give you the possibility to transform the reality of so many children who did not have opportunities just because they were born in the wrong post code!

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